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The EXStretch technique has for main goal to demystify the concept of physical flexibility. Some people are surprised to learn that anybody can execute the famous "leg splits"!  In fact, the principle is quite simple. People must give their body the time required for it to accept the necessary opening. In fact, the body usually shows resistance to changes for only about a minute! By means of the EXStretch technique, body and soul are encouraged to truly let go, then to be willing to create the required opening and then have access to a wide universe of new possibilities.

The EXStretch technique has been fully tested and proven. It is essentially based on the concept of conscious physical and mental surrender. For the trained athletes as for the average individuals, exceeding their physical limits and boundaries always represent a rather difficult phase. This is why a personalized coaching is of the utmost importance. Together, we can overcome the inevitable body and mental resistance.

"My extensive knowledge of the body biomechanics, paired with the EXStretch technique, allows me to identify and supress the joints resistance, thus providing space for integration and adoption of new body reflexes. Having fully integrated the technique, the athlete leaves with a new awareness of his body and additional opportunities. "
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