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EXStretch will provide the skater with all the desired body lines, in a ballet-like spirit, in order that the skater reaches the necessary easiness to execute wide-amplitude movements. Annick works on the whole posterior muscle chain, with a focus on the hip joints, to improve the understanding of the skater’s biomechanics. As a result, the skater can execute impressive leg lifts as never before.
The EXStretch technique sums up 10 years of ballet training expertise. We aim at pursuing the biomechanical re-education of your body. Get the most of your natural range of movement, according to your own morphology. You can educate your body lines, in a ballet-oriented spirit, to develop an improved range of motion and execute wide-amplitude movements. Watching you closely, Annick works on all the posterior muscle chain, releasing the hip joint among others. Now that you have a clear understanding of your own biomechanics, you are able to execute spectacular leg lifts.
Thanks to the EXStretch technique, goal tenders will be able to completely spread the legs, without the risk of injury, and develop an extensive leg amplitude. This greater corporal ease allows goalies to show off dynamic splits (Just like Van Damme, who is so strong yet highly flexible). This is a must-have flexibility training routine!

The other hockey players have not been overlooked! They can also develop superior skating skills, thanks to greater leg ease of movement. They can reach improved pike-position strength on their legs. Releasing the hip joint will provide increased skating speed, strength and agility.
EXStretch will provide the swimmer with longer posterior muscle chains and very smooth pike positions. Annick will offer numerous and varied exercises aiming at modifying the pointed-foot line, while improving flexibility in the shoulders and arms. This means serious focus on the right leg and a comprehensive flexibility routine to be adopted as regular training.
EXStretch improves leg flexibility, which allows for better articulator amplitude and wider leg movement, releasing the hip joints, a pike position amplitude (leaning forward on the legs), as well as a clearer awareness of the foot flexion amplitude and gap.
EXStretch enables the athlete to better understand the required muscle relaxation level to reach appropriate flexibility. The athlete is able to create hip opening, to understand the direction of his legs with strength and energy down to the tip of his toes. The proposed exercises will allow for the stretching and lengthening of the back of the knee, which in turn will make the legs longer.  The pike positions (nose on knees) will also be noticeably improved.
In a ballet-oriented approach, EXStretch will allow for a re-education of the desired body lines, and the flexibility required to execute high-amplitude movements. Annick will work on the whole posterior muscle chain, focusing on the hip joints, while improving the understanding of the person’s biomechanics, so the dancer can execute eye-catching leg lifts.
Annick is your sports-related health reference, whether you practice cross fit, tennis, latin dances, yoga... or whether you just want to keep your body in full motion!

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