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EXStretch paves the way to body-consciousness flexibility!
"As a coach and instructor, my primary objective is to work with elite athletes and release the tightness in their body parts, regardless of the sports they practice. As a result, I can extend their physical capacities, in order that these athletes succeed and take first place on the podium. That’s what happened for Catherine Mailloux. The space created within her joints, combined with the lengthening of her muscles, have earned her 4 medals, in the 2 weeks that followed her training with me. My understanding of the athlete biomechanics is so fully integrated by the various disciplines that I have practised myself, that it is easy for me to solve any physical resistance. My extensive athletic background, and my deep understanding of the specific body functioning, which I can provide the athletes with, make me a valuable asset for the athletic world. I aim at giving the athletes their optimal power on their own performance. "


 Back training (2 days/5 hours)
 Discovery training (3 days/10 hours)
 Intensive Splits training (2 weeks/25 hours)
 Flexibility +++ training (2 days/10 hours)

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