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The EXStretch technique paves the way to body-consciousness flexibility!
"As a coach and instructor, my primary objective is to work with elite athletes and release the tightness in their body parts, regardless of the sports they practice. As a result, I can extend their physical capacities, in order that these athletes succeed and take first place on the podium. That’s what happened for Catherine Mailloux. The space created within her joints, combined with the lengthening of her muscles, have earned her 4 medals, in the 2 weeks that followed her training with me. My understanding of the athlete biomechanics is so fully integrated by the various disciplines that I have practised myself, that it is easy for me to solve any physical resistance. My extensive athletic background, and my deep understanding of the specific body functioning, which I can provide the athletes with, make me a valuable asset for the athletic world. I aim at giving the athletes their optimal power on their own performance. "
Catherine Mailloux | Speed skating | Gold Medal 2013
Gabrielle Martin | Circus Arts | Cavalia
Prana | Pole dancing | 2014 France Champion
Medal hopeful for the Pyeong Chang 2018 Olympic Games in Korea
One of the top artists of Cavalia, an innovating multimedia multidisciplinary production created by Normand Latourelle, one of the founders of the famous Cirque du Soleil. Cavalia has performed in prestigious venues as Canada, United States, Australia, Dubai and Belgium.
She won the Pole Revolution Canada in 2013 | Earned 3rd place in the 2012 French Pole Dancing Competition | Champion in the 2010 French Pole Dancing Competition | Placed Vice-Champion in the 2009 French Pole Dancing Competition
Intensive Flexibility Training

"Honestly, I have been very surprised by the quantity and quality of the tools provided to me by Annick Taillon’s Intensive Flexibility Training. This training really helped me succeed! From the very beginning, Annick took the time to make sure I understood that the concept of non-flexible people does not really exist! Then I could see for myself that by practising her technique, everyone can become flexible, or become even more flexible! Actually, Annick managed to take me and several other participants far beyond our limits. Thanks to this training, I could shake off that illusion of myself as a non-flexible person. In fact, her method enabled me to measure my real flexibility potential and this has made a significant difference on my perceptions."

Aude Lavergne
Circus Artist, Equilibrist
"Annick allowed me to better understand the functioning of my body generally speaking, and of my hips more specifically. She taught me how to use my body’s potential to the fullest. Her training enabled me to gain greater flexibility, in an efficient and stimulating manner. Annick’s tailored advice is precious to me and is now integral parts of each of my trainings."

Anne-Marie Hivert
Student in Circus Arts
Sonia Dessureault| Tango
Professional dancer, dance teacher and choreographer.
Sonia Dessureault’s testimony - "The difference"

"This was my very last attempt. Among the girls in my class, I had always been the least flexible. I had come to the conclusion that I didn’t really have the kind of body required to be a professional dancer. I thought I didn’t have the potential to pursue dancing as a career and if nothing got better, I would have to give up on my dream. So I came to meet with Annick after seeing an advertisement announcing her intensive stretching class. After only 2 weeks of training, I had gone from a 90-degree leg left to a leg that came very close to my face! Annick really understands the human body, in a way that she can make us change our perception of our own body. She encourages us to work to reach our full potential, while keeping us safe and paying constant attention to details."
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